Reiki 1:1 & Aura Reading
How to feel with your heart instead of your mind
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Reiki 1:1

How to feel with your
heart instead of your mind

Reiki Therapy will help you feel more balanced and in touch with your emotions: feel, connect, and reach them. It will balance the energy of your Seven Chakras, unfolding your energy and cleaning blocks.

In the sessions, Innie gives feedback on the repercussions felt in each unbalanced chakra at the end of the session. She will provide you with the necessary recommendations to change limiting beliefs, bad habits, lifestyles, and resignifications aiming at your well-being, development, and personal evolution, contributing as a fundamental tool for self-knowledge.



  • 1 x 60 minute sessions : 1,2million IDR.
  • 1 x 90 minutes sessions :  1,5million IDR.

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Aura Reading

Do you feel lost, and you are searching for your purpose? Aura reading will show you where you are now and where you could be. It is a tool to give you the push you might need to understand yourself even more or to see yourself through other lenses. The most obvious things are never seen. The reading can take 2h and is divided into three parts:

1) Reading the symbols that appear will lighten your energy and main struggles and shed light on your doubts.
2) Scan your chakras with Reiki to see if you have any energy blocks and what you need to pay more attention to now.
3) Past and Future lives. Have you ever wondered why the same pattern constantly repeats in your life? That could be because the trigger point comes from before.
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