The tides and the oceans, the tide, and the moon rotate and rotate from new to full, from low to high.
The energy is shifting all the time barrels, mellow waves, tubes, flat. It’s a continuous flow.
It’s the rule of the duality of Yin and Yang, feelings and action, female and male, moon and sun.

The key is finding balance, comfort, and fulfillment in the middle.
As surfer, we are body and spirit in motion. We want long walls to play with the waves and a body that allows us to surf no stop.

Here when the combination yoga and surf become the best medicine for us!

Yin yoga is a style where we hold poses for a long period of time in order to slow down our minds, to move our fascia and release tensions.
With Yin we work on a deeper level both mentally and physically.
We allow gravity to draw our bodies into poses naturally without force.

We unwind and surrender into each pose.

So, if you are a surfer, you want to do yoga but you don’t know how to do it and you don’t have much time, here I propose you some of my favorite asanas. They will open up your joints after surfing, alleviate pain, increase flexibility, open your chest and lengthen your spine.
In this sequence, I will focus on shoulders, neck, hips and lower back.

We want the muscles to switch off, targeting the fascia that can get tight and hold lot of tension. We need a long and gentle stretch without engaging the muscles.

The secrets are:

If you are able to get into a routine of 3-4 times per week for 15/20 minutes, you will notice the improvements in your performance.

The practice will help you to relax, recenter and acknowledge yourself by stimulating Chi movements through meridian lines in the body and bringing mindfulness to your mind.
Yin is a passive practice that can be confronting. Understand how to deal with discomfort and be in the present moment.

“ Inhale gently, slowly and complete. Exhale gently, slowly and release.”


. I would suggest you to hold each one between 3-5 minutes to feel the results.


CHILD POSE TWIST COLLERBONE (right and left side)

Key healing points: collarbone – shoulder


Key healing points: neck – back – shoulder plates

SHOULDERS ROLL (right and left side)

Key healing points: shoulders and lower back

SHOULDERS ROLL – lenghten the hips (right and left side)

Key healing points: shoulders, lower back, psoas.


Key healing points: shoulders and spine

SHOULDER NECK RELEASE (right and left side)

Key healing points: shoulders and neck

INVERSE PIGION (right and left side)

Key healing points: hips, glutes

SUPINE TWIST (right and left side)

Key healing points: lower back and spine

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