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Combine professional surf coaching with surf specific dry land training and see your surfing progression skyrocket.
We focus on increasing flexibility, longevity, range and speed of motion, and breathing techniques.
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Join our mobility class, yoga, pranayama, and fitness classes or sign up for private coaching to get your surfing to the next level. We train all ages and all levels of surfers.




Expand your injury-buffer zones for surfing and life's curveballs.

 For injury prevention, as well as injury rehabilitation. Stabilize and strengthen your body with specifically targeted exercises for the neck, shoulder, back, hip and knees. Restore optimal joint positions and function with full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned joints. This program is not just for surfers. If you’re suffering from an old injury or simply just have lower back, neck or shoulder pain that is resilient and no amount of massages are alleviating the pain then this program is for you. Our rehabilitation program gets to the root to allow you to move better. When we move better, we live better and then, we surf better. 
Find the root of your pain. Create new healthy movement habits.


A space to connect mind, body and soul To emphasize a path of healing to ejoy ultimate wellness and well-being.



Hypnotherapy| $200

Clinical hypnotherapy has been proven to influence both your mindset and your body to create positive change from within. Successfully treating conditions such as anxiety, phobias, addictions, low confidence, insomnia, supporting healthy weight goals, and much more. Ease the burden of emotional distress and related symptoms, hypnotherapy identifies and changes unhelpful thought patterns, emotions and behaviours that underpin your problem.

Energy Healing | $ 150

Choose between a Breathwork or a Bodywork Therapy session

Breathwork with Benjamin (60 minutes)

SOMABREATH uses the techniques of ancient pranayama combined with music in guidance from an experienced facilitator to guide you on a personal inward journey of reflection and introspection. Through the breath and the body, we initiate new habits we would like to attract, clear old  and niggling issues in our subconscious and access and remove old traumas in the body. This practice is totally safe and accessible for anyone no matter their experience with the breath.

The breath can set you free.


Alchemy & Bodywork Therapy with Martjin (60 minutes)

Would you like to get a deeper understanding of how to heal the emotional, mental, physical & energetic bodies through Transformational Bodywork?

Mana, Prana, Qi or Chi is the Universal Purifying Vital Energy or Vibration that is the foundation of everything in the universe. All things material or immaterial, from atoms to entire planets as well as thoughts, sound and emotions, are created and governed by Mana.

Mana being vibrational energy, it is effected/ influenced by everything: sounds, thoughts, meditation, diet, the seasons, temperature, people, places and touch. Physical application of massage (as well as Tai Chi, yoga and acupuncture) are aimed to balance Mana or Chi.

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