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Dharmic Destiny Soul Blueprint Workshop

MAY 15, 2022  450,000 IDR


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Learn the codes to reveal your dharmic blueprint.

This system is part of the Vedic tradition known as Jyotish or Tantric numerology, also called Yantra Yoga.

It’s essentially your unique dharmic codes and frequencies that explain why you were incarnated and what your timelines are.

This is the dominant force guiding our life, providing deep insight into our Dharmic reasons for being here. 

This knowledge will empower you with deeper self awareness about your purpose for being in this life and guidance about your time cycles to help you understand where you’re going and the best way to be in flow with your unique timelines, frequencies and dharmic imprint.

Knowing this information allows you to stay in harmony with the natural currents of your own unique dharmic timeline and ultimately achieve victory in your personal and spiritual life.

The workshop is also offering instruction to read your own human design chart.

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.This represents your unique genetic imprint. It clearly reveals your path to personal freedom. It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life, reducing confusion, stress and resistance. It is essentially your own navigation tool.

Please download your own human design chart before the workshop and I will help you read it during the workshop. Jovianarchive.com

The synthesis of these two systems will provide you with an in depth perspective of your soul blueprint.

You will leave this workshop with clarity about your unique dharmic codes, how they impact your life and purpose and perhaps most importantly, how to navigate big decisions and timing in your life.


MAY 15, 2022 1-3 PM


450,000 IDR


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