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Human Design Workshop with Martijn

1 Day, 6 hours workshop

Ready to take the next step to understand how your own and unique energy works in its highest potential?

Learn to read the Human Design energy blueprint of yourself and others for a better understanding of the uniqueness of each and every human you interact with.


Wednesday 4th May 2022 – The Space Bingin – 15:00-21:00 – 6 hours workshop


1.500.000 IDR

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

Soul alignment through Human Design:
How to read any Human Design chart and start living in your unique alignment.
Human Design gives you a road map to live in alignment with your Soul purpose.

Human Design is like a Soul Map energy blue-print that serves you as a guide to embody your unique and True Energy. It depends on the universal time you were born and where the planets and the Sun were on the moment you were born. Human Design is a Science of Being Present because it brings awareness moment by moment into your life in order to make decisions based on frequency, resonance, vibration, to honor your real essence. You were imprinted with a specific Purpose in life and a unique way to operate and drive your own vehicle, your body.

Think about all those times you were put in a box and were conditioned to be someone you are not. We all have a different and unique “way to operate” and Human Design offers you the way to navigate it. During this workshop you will learn how to find your strengths and natural gifts and work on your potential vulnerabilities and become aware of any external conditioning.

Ready to take the next step to understand how your own and unique energy works in its highest potential?
Learning about Human Design is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into your awareness system and ground inside your body to let yourself breakthrough a model you don’t fit in.

Martijn’s purpose in this life is to help you to find as many tools as possible to start living in Unity in Diversity, the unity of living in your Heart and in alignment with your Soul purpose.

This is why he created this uplifting and empowering “How to Read your and others Human Design Chart” Workshop. If you feel the call to receive more amazing and uplifting tools to achieve your highest potential, understand your type of energy, know more about your gifts and potential weaknesses, listen to your own inner guidance and honor your uniqueness, to live in more co-creative harmonics, then this opportunity is for you!

In love, pure gratitude & service “ Living in Mana – Reconnect to your Essence” by Martijn

Part 1:
– The Five Energy types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. And how we all work together
– The Five Strategies: this is where your journey of manifestation begins
– The Four Auras: Open, Focused, Protected, Sampling
– Inner Authorities: Our primary decision making tool rooted in the body
– Definition, difference between single definition, split definition, triple, quadruple, no.

Part 2:
– The Nine Energy Centers and what does it mean to have them Defined or Undefined
– The Nine Energy Centers and what gifts and possible vulnerabilities they have for you and others
– The 12 Profiles
– Incarnation cross from the people attending the workshop
– Variables, what variables do you have and how to apply them in your daily life.
– Mystery School meditation, Rainbow Flames meditation to clear your aura, body, hologram, all 9 Human Design energy centers/ chakras & “Living in the Heart” meditation.

Download the science of Human Design into all of the details of your Highest Creation in this physical existence, which is your body. Ra Uru Hu the founder of Human Design received all of the Human Design terminology. Ra Uru Hu was carrying part of the Soul essence of a larger being who lived in Ancient Egypt called “Ra”. Message from “RA” who’s a spokesperson for the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of the Light and member of the Galactic Federation of Light:
“You and your planet are undergoing a unique and wonderous transition in your spiritual evolution in this time. You are preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before. In order to help you we have brought back the Human Design system from Ancient Egyptian Mystery School that give you, your unique Energy Blue print to follow your unique energy that will allow you to come to your Soul Purpose in life. Human Design really is the foundation for your self-awareness, self-transformation and spiritual growth.”

When? Wednesday 4th May @ The Space Bingin from 15:00 – 21:00, including fully audio recorded workshop, meditation & presentation from the workshop. You will get access to the presentation slides and audio recording for 12 months. To use Human Design in your personal journey, but also in co-creation with others in family, community & business. A journey to embodying our Highest Self’s, bring your questions to the table of co-creation in this interactive workshop to expand your awareness, consciousness and spirit.

Pre-registration needed, limited spots available, secure your spot now! For registration we need full name, email, date of birth, time of birth, city and country of birth.

For people who like to join the workshop online we can host the workshop online through Zoom, so you can join from anywhere around the world. To book your spot:


May 04 2022


3:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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